Spatial Analysis with Vector Data

Intro_ArcGISSpatial Analysis with Vector Data
Are you struggling your way through spatial analysis without really understanding what you are doing? This comprehensive eleven-part course was used in as part of a master’s in GIS university program. It will guide you through everything you need to perform spatial analysis on your vector data. You will learn how to prepare your data for accurate analysis, work with the geoprocessing environment to search for and run tools as well as use them in an analysis model, perform various types of spatial analyses, and reveal/analyze patterns in your data using spatial statistics and temporal tools. This course is a must-have for any GIS professional who needs to use ArcGIS to obtain meaningful and accurate analysis results.

NOTE: The exercises for this course are optional. If you would like to do the exercises, you must have your own license of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop v 10.x software and a copy of the Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS workbook by Kathryn Keranen and Robert Kolvoord, from which many of the exercises are taken. The workbook comes with a DVD of GIS data required to complete the exercises.

Lesson 1 – Spatial Analysis Overview
Lesson 2 – GeoProcessing & MocelBuilder
Lesson 3 – Data & Methodology
Lesson 4 – Proximity & Overlay Analysis
Lesson 5 – Suitability Analysis
Lesson 6 – Network Analysis
Lesson 7 – Spatial Interpolation
Lesson 8 – Intro to Spatial Statistics
Lesson 9 – Hot Spot Analysis
Lesson 10 – Regression Analysis
Lesson 11 – Analyzing Temporal Data

Skills Acquired
* Plan for and conduct spatial analysis with vector data
* Use the geoprocessing framework
* Build analysis models with ModelBuilder
* Assess the suitability of data before using it in analysis
* Use point data to generate interpolated surfaces
* Present your analysis results in meaning maps
* Analyze spatial patterns using statistics
* Use temporal data to explain spatial patterns
* Work with networks to find least-cost routes
* Perform proximity and overlay analyses
* Use hot spot analysis to detect patterns

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