GPS Mapping with Trimble’s TerraSync & Pathfinder Office

GPS Mapping with Trimble’s TerraSyncTrimble training and Pathfinder OfficeTrimble_logo

For Trimble GPS users, TerraSync and Pathfinder Office are popular software choices for field and office.  You will learn how to install, configure and use these applications to collect GPS data, differentially correct it, and export the data to a GIS format. The course is full of tips and tricks that will get you out in the field collecting data in no time.

1: Overview & Installation
2: Preparing a New Project
3: Working with GPS
4: Collecting & Updating Data
5: Post-processing & Exporting

Skills Acquired
* Install/configure TerraSync
* Install/configure PF Office
* Collect & update GPS data
* Transfer data b/w PC & GPS unit
* Post-processing GPS data
* Exporting data to GIS  formats

Your Cost: $97