GPS Mapping with Esri’s Collector App

GPS Mapping with Esri’s Collector App
Esri’s Collector app for iOS and Android phones and tablets makes field work a breeze. When you understand the workflow, you can use ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, and the Collector app on a smart phone or tablet, to take your GIS out into the field and make edits that can be seen immediately by other field workers and office personnel. You can easily take and store digital photos of your field assets, use GPS to collect points, lines, and polygons, search for features, addresses, and place names, and synchronize field and office edits with the tap of a button. This class will show you how to make Collector work for you.

Part 1 – Overview & Workflows
Part 2 – Preparing the Data
Part 3 – Building a Web Map
Part 4 – Collector in the Field
Part 5 – Integrating the Field Edits

Skills Acquired
* A step-by-step Collector workflow
* Attach digital photos to features
* Configure a web map in ArcGIS Online
* Synchronize field edits with field & office
* Integrate field edits with ArcMap

Your Cost: $97