GPS Mapping with ArcPad & Trimble Positions

GPS Mapping with ArcPad & Trimble Positions
Get ready to learn how to use Trimble Positions to collect high accuracy GPS data with ArcPad on a Trimble mobile device. You will learn the proper Trimble Positions for ArcPad workflows and how to use the tools in the Trimble Positions ArcPad Extension in the field as well as Trimble Positions Desktop Add-In in the office to perform your post-processing. You will see and learn how to prepare your geodatabase and MXD for ArcPad, create new Positions projects, and post-process your GNSS field data from within ArcMap.

Note: This course provides in-depth training for the Trimble Positions workflow for ArcPad.  It does NOT go into detail about how to use ArcPad.  See our GeoCollector Bundle #1 for both ArcPad AND Trimble Positions training.

Overview of Trimble Positions
1: Installing Trimble Positions
2: Creating a Project
3: Check-Out, Field, Check-In
4: Processing
5: QuickProject Workflow

Skills Acquired
* How to install Trimble Positions
* Create Positions projects for ArcPad
* Set up processing profiles
* Create a positions project
* Use the Positions ArcPad extension
* Post-process your GNSS field data
* Verify & manage accuracy of GNSS data

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