Getting Started with ArcGIS for Desktop

Intro_ArcGISGetting Started with ArcGIS for Desktop
Whether you are new to GIS and/or to Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop, this course will teach you everything you need to get up and running.  Learn what GIS can do, what comes with your purchase of ArcGIS for Desktop, and how to use GIS to make maps, analyze data, and perform basic edits.

The course is chock full of valuable tips and tricks, live-action demonstrations, and animated presentations.  This course is our first to include exercises!  The purchase of the course entitles you to download exercise data and step-by-step instructions so you can put your new skills to work.

Note: While anyone can view the course lectures, you must have your own license of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop v 10.x software in order to complete the exercises that accompany this course.

Lessons (length)
Lesson 1 – GIS & ArcGIS Overview
Lesson 2 – Working with GIS Maps
Lesson 3 – Geographic Databases
Lesson 4 – Make a Presentation Map
Lesson 5 – Data Alignment
Lesson 6 – GIS Data Formats
Lesson 7 – Selecting Data
Lesson 8 – Preparing Data for GIS
Exercise Solutions – Step-by-step

Skills Acquired
* Working with MXDs and GIS data
* Navigating around a map & bookmarking
* Techniques for making presentation maps
* Understand GIS coordinate systems
* Working with attribute tables
* Understand shapefiles and geodatabases
* How to select data and export it
* Working with geoprocessing tools for analysis
* The basics of editing GIS data

Your Cost: $97