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What if you had your very own personal GIS / GPS expert right at your fingertips to share AWESOME tips, tools, and shortcuts that give you the ADVANTAGE it takes most professionals a career to acquire?

Our training courses are exactly that. A seasoned expert walks you through workflows step-by- step and shows you exactly how to perform common ArcGIS and GPS tasks. You will learn the right way to design your field projects, use GPS to collect GIS-ready data, process your field data, and work with ArcGIS like a pro.

GIS Training Videos are your fast-track to geospatial mastery. The skills you learn come from years of hands-on experience designing and implementing hundreds of GIS field projects for electrical and water utilities, mining, green energy, natural resource management,  construction, cultural resources, crime, and street addressing, to name a few.

Plus it’s presented by an AMAZING Esri and Trimble trainer who knows how to convey technical concepts, demonstrate how they’re applied, and recognize when it’s time to pause so you can absorb and process the information.

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Hello! I am Michele Mattix, owner of GeoMattix. I created these training videos so that you can benefit from my decade of hands-on industry experience.  I have trained, consulted, and supported hundreds of people and organizations in GIS and GPS data collection. I invite you to view our sample lesson. Our videos are chock full of concepts, workflows, tips, tricks and live-action demonstrations.  No hype. No glitz. Just good, solid information born from hands-on experience presented in an easy-to-follow manner.  And you control when, where and what pace to learn.

Thank you and best of luck with your career!